Mini Steel Mill
Constructed 3300 feet of new track, four turnouts, one switch point derail, and bumper. Rehabilitated 2000 feet of track by adding new ballast, installing 250 new crossties, gaging, surfacing and lining track with laser lining tamper, installing pipe, clearing trees and ditching.

North Carolina Shortline Railroad
Curdco served as general contractor to manage and self-perform the construction of 6195 track feet including clearing, grubbing, grading , and subballast installation. Project included 4 no. 10 turnouts, surface and alignment of 7039 TF of existing track, railroad crossing installation, and replacement of 755 crossties.

Virginia LP Gas Facility
Curdco provided all supervision, labor, materials, and equipment for the construction 3173 track feet of railroad track, one turnout, two double switch point derails, two railroad crossings, two bumping posts, changeout fifty ties,
and grounding track.

Major Southeastern Papermill
Curdco provided all supervsion, labor, materials and equipment to construct 2800 track feet of railroad roadbed, track, switch point derail, and one no. 8 turnout.

Major Soda Manufacturer
Curdco provided all supervision, labor, materials and equipment to construct railroad facility for new plant operation. Installed 105 feet of track on steel ties with flangeway guard for unloading building, installed 555 track feet of new trackage, and removed and disposed of 960 feet of existing track.